CloudPhysics: Enhanced Storage Analytics Cards [Part 2] – Snapshots Gone Wild 2

Following up from Part 1 which focused on the Datastore Contention v2 Card, I’ll shift focus to what can sometimes be a Virutalization Admins worst nightmare…Snapshots. Snapshots are not backups (repeat x100) …but backup systems such as Veeam utilize VMware Snapshots to do their thing…and sometimes the process of SnapShot consolidation can fail, leaving unplanned SnapShots in […] Read More

vCloud Director 5.5 Upgrade: Storage Profiles and Missing Datastores:

Sometimes I think there is change just for the sake of change…or to keep us on our toes 🙂 Either way I just came across an interesting upgrade gotchya when going from vCloud Director 5.1.x to 5.5.x involving previously configured Datastore Storage Profiles which translate back to vCenter into User Defined Storage Capabilities and Storage […] Read More

VMWorld 2014: Session Voting

Voting is Open for VMWorld 2014 and I have submitted three sessions for your consideration. The first session is a VMUG User Conference Presentation I Co-Presented at the Sydney and Melbourne Events in February and I’ve decided to take it solo to VMWorld…the other two are joint sessions I will present with CloudPhysics as talk […] Read More

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