Time fly’s where you are having fun! Two years ago I was privileged to be awarded my first vExpert Award…In that time I have been able to keep up my community related activities and have been awarded the vExpert for 2014.

But this post isn’t about the award as such…the title to the post is “What’s in a name?”. So, when I launched this blog in April of 2012, I came up with the Blog title of “Hosting is Life!”. This is a play on one of my other passions, Golf…of which some believe that Golf is Life…


At the time, I was still very much involved in my previous role as a Hosting guy…the passion I had for the hosting work I did was almost unhealthy. I was also heavily involved in Virtualization, but my day to day was looking after my previous employers Hosting and Cloud arm of the business. So, the title of the blog became Hosting if Life! cause at the time, it was.

Fast forward 2 years and I had been thinking for a while that I need to modify the title of this blog to make it more reflective of where I now dedicate my working passion towards…that is of course all things virtual. But the sealer for me in changing the title of this blog came as the Top Virtualization Blogs list for 2014 was released last week…I did ok in getting a few votes, but I realized when I was voting that the title of my blog didn’t really stand out and reflect what this blog is all about…so not so much as to boost my rankings next year (though thats something I would like to do) but more as to complete a journey that I started a couple of years back, I have rebranded this site “Virtualization is Life!

So as symbolic as one can get…the change has occurred and hopefully I can continue to add half decent content to this blog around the world of Virtualization…it’s certainly a world that changing rapidly…but that’s what excites me and keeps me seriously enthused to be part of this great VMware Community. Thanks to all in the vExpert Program for the award this year…perfect timing today to use this as a springboard for the title change!


ps: Even though I am Australian, I still use a Z over an S in the spelling of Virtualization. What can I say…I grew up watching Sesame Street 🙂