This post signifies my return to the blogging world… I last actively blogged in late 2008 just before I signed up for Twitter. Forward 4 years, and nearly 3200 Tweets later, it’s time to expand and contribute…I have opinions to add and I will post tech related news and commentary that aims to contribute around my experiences in the Hosting and Cloud world.

New domain registered and eating my own dog food, hosting this WordPress instance on one of @AnittelHosting’s Windows Hosting Platforms, utilizing WebsitePanel on IIS7.5, running FastCGI to serve the PHP content. Server backend is hosted on a VMware ESX Cluster out of our Sydney Availability Zones.

The challenge with a blog site is being able to fit in regular posts in between the real world of work and family. I have a couple of post topics lined up, so that should at least do for the short term…lets see how it goes!