Earlier this year I put together a post on installing and configuring a Cassandra Cluster in order to meet the requirements for vCloud SP 5.6.x Metric Reporting. In that post I went through the deployment of a Cassandra Cluster and promised a follow up on installing KairosDB. In my labs we are currently working with the vCD Metric APIs and I needed a quick way to stand up the Cassandra/KairosDB environment the vCD Metrics requires. Given the availability and sizing requirements in the lab are not representative of Production I decided to create a Single Node instance.

I also streamlined the Cassandra install by adding the Debian repositories for easier install and management. Watch the video below (suggest 2x speed) and check out the key commands listed after the video.

One of the Key settings to configure thats not shown above is changing the KairosDB datastore location from the default In Memory H2 Module to the local Cassandra location. After KairosDB has been started you are ready to point vCloud Director at the endpoint to start exporting VM Metrics to…the post showing that is still to come.