Earlier in the week I did up a post on the vCloud Air On Demand Signup Process. As I’ve blogged about in the past, VMware reaffirmed their commitment to their Service Provider Partners and created the vCloud Air Network Program with the idea that together with VMware’s own Public Cloud offering…partner Hosted Platforms based on vSphere and vCloud Director help to create a large ecosystem that can be used as a common platform that acts as a stepping stone for Hybrid based cloud solutions built with industry leading Virtualization technolgies.

Zettagrid is one of the most innovative vCloud Air Network Hybrid Cloud Providers in the world and leads the APAC region with our automation and provisioning technologies which help clients consume Virtual Datacenter resources quickly and efficiently. We are doing this by abstracting vCloud Director into our MyAccount Portal and by automating the consumption of Cloud Resources.

As I did with vCloud Air On Demand, the video below goes through a complete Zettagrid Cloud Datacenter purchase, account creation and resource provisioning and then goes through a deployment of a WordPress Appliance with the publishing of networking services to connect up to the site and VM to the outside world…all this in under 16 minutes. There is also a $250 Promo code on offer for eligible new customers.

Sign Up Here

  • Amount: $250 AUS in service credits
  • Term: 30 days from sign up to use the value

More Info on ZettaGrid Cloud Datacenter