Version 10 of Veeam Backup & Replication right around the corner as we rapidly approach GA. The RTM has been out for our service provider partners for a couple of weeks now. There has been a fair amount of content released around v10 functionality and features from our Veeam Vanguard’s over the past couple of weeks and as we move closer to GA, as part of the lead up, I’ve done a series on some of the cool new enhancements that are coming as part of the release. These will be quick short takes that give a glimpse into what’s coming as part of the v10 release. I’ve saved the last one to give vCloud Director some of the spotlight with a small but important change to the existing Self Service Portal.

Previous v10 Preview Posts:

Additional v10 Options on Backup Jobs Configuration

With version 9.5 of Veeam Backup & Replication (released in November 2016), the vCloud Director Self-Service Portal was released. This feature was built upon the self-service capabilities of Veeam Enterprise Manager and taps into vCloud Director for tenant authentication. This portal uses Veeam Enterprise Manager and allows service providers to grant their tenants self-service management of their vCloud Director workloads. This enhances the VCSP’s ability to offer Backup as a Service (BaaS) for vCloud Director.

In v10 we have been able to bring into the portal two new v10 features… the ability to set retention as days rather than points, and the long awaiting GFS on Primary backup jobs.

Tenant’s configuring their Backup jobs will now have the option to base their retention on number days rather than number of restore points. Traditionally this has been set by by the number of restore points produced and has a few challenges in working out the number of restore points depending on your desired schedule. Being able to configure day based retention allows you to set the number days to keep backups and not worry about running the job at various schedules through the day.

Probably one of the biggest feature requests we get for this portal is the ability to configure backup copy jobs for longer terms GFS type retention. While this new feature isn’t an exact replacement over that the ability to configure GFS on Primary backup jobs from within this console is significant. There was no way for the tenant to configure Backup Copy Jobs through the portal… with this new feature tenants can store a copy of your longer term archival backup points on the primary backup repository as shown below

Wrap Up:

That was a quick look what I think are two significant additions to the Veeam vCloud Director Self Service Portal. Don’t forget as well that we also have a Community Driven release of the Unofficial Veeam HTML Plugin for vCloud Director. This has recently been updated and now has the ability to use SSO. You can read more about that here, and download the code here.

Disclaimer: The information and screen shots in this post is based on RTM code and may be subject to change come final GA.