While at AWS re:Invent 2022 I had some great conversations with a mix of old and new Managed Service Providers who are focusing on delivering services for workloads on public cloud platforms. There are a number of new Managed Service companies that have been designated as “Born in the Cloud” and while I don’t play along with that tag given the cloud has been a thing for almost 20 years now, there are a lot of Service Providers who are now dealing in the public cloud space.

From an organizations point of view, if they lack the skills to manage and protect workloads as they shift or are created in the public cloud, it’s natural that they would seek out the assistance of a company that does. This also ensures the best of breed technology is used to protect those workloads and the data being created by them.

Veeam Service Provider Console v7 and Managed Public Cloud Backup

With the release of Veeam Service Provider Console v7, there will be extended/dedicated support for the multi-tenant management of our Veeam Backup for AWS and Azure. This capability has been previewed throughout the 2022 and we are excited to be bringing it to GA with the rest of the v12 Veeam Platform in 2023. I know that a lot of our Service Providers are looking to create new managed services based on this technology in v7 of Service Provider console and more importantly, we are engaging with new more focused public cloud managed service providers who are also looking to leverage what Service Provider Console has to offer.

Quick Look at the reason for Managed AWS Backups with Veeam Service Provider Console

The presentation from re:Invent is embedded below. In it I go through the Veeam Platform and how together with Veeam Backup for AWS and the new Veeam Service Provider Console v7, we are entering an exciting time for Managed Service providers who are looking to capture a new source of revenue by following the workloads as they are lifted and shifted… or if they are created net new on public clouds. With me, I had Sagi Brody from Opti9 to showcase what they have already done within their own platform to start offering customers the ability to gain visibility and offer data protection for workloads on AWS.