Those that know me and have followed my career understand that I’ve lived and breathed the Cloud and Service Provider space for more than twenty years. In that twenty plus years I’ve learnt through first hand experiences that as technology and market trends evolve the only constant is change. When there is a shift in what is believed to be the norm, things can start to look different. Things get a little uncomfortable. Doubts creep in and questions are asked.

Cirrus By Veeam

The recent acquisition of Cirrus by Veeam has sparked discussions in and out of the service provider community. Cirrus, aimed at those favoring a Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 as a service, marks a venture into the expanding and competitive Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) market. This announcement by us at Veeam, intends to serve a segment of customers with a “first-party BaaS” preference, while also adding choice for all customers to consume our technology on-premises, via a trusted Service Provider or through the Cirrus platform.

From a seasoned service provider technologist’s lens, this maneuver can be perceived in multiple lights. It symbolizes an evolution, a response to market expectations on one end, and on the other, it signifies an entry into a space that traditionally belonged to Veeam’s Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners.

History has its lessons. The tremors a vendor’s direct entry can cause within its service provider ecosystem is not a new narrative and as is something that I have experienced first hand a number of times in my career. And while the visceral initial reaction can be one of disappointment and confusion, the disquiet is less about competition and more about the potential shift in trust and partnership dynamics.

The advent of a SaaS-delivered UI/UX through Cirrus now opens doors for VCSPs that previously didn’t have the capabilities to create their own offerings, providing them with the opportunity to capture the extensive Microsoft 365 backup market which Microsoft validated earlier this year after years of us at Veeam leading the way in thought leadership around backing up M365. This presents a more optimistic view, a win-win scenario where Veeam’s SaaS entry through Cirrus could foster a broader ecosystem that benefits both the customer and our service provider partners.

Amidst this evolving narrative, the positioning of Cirrus presents both opportunities and challenges. It’s an optimistic yet cautious stride into a market where the ease of implementation will be a game-changer, and how Cirrus aligns itself amidst these shifts is something to ponder upon. The one thing we do know is that the combined market opportunity is significant.

Continuing our Strong Service Provider Bonds

The essence of the partnership between Veeam and our Cloud and Service Providers has always been rooted in mutual growth and bridging market gaps together. The discussions post acquisition reflect an undertone of concern about a perceived shift from this narrative. The notion of transitioning from partners to direct competitors is a palpable fear among some service providers.

Yet, the narrative from our side at Veeam, as conveyed by us in our media releases and via trusted leaders, is about expanding the spectrum of offerings to cater to specific market demands. The assurance that Cirrus builds upon the existing Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 and Azure products implies a continuity rather than a disruption. Our underlying technology will get better and that enables our innovative partners to build even better solutions across the whole Veeam Data Platform.

The expected discourse around Cirrus isn’t merely about a new product, it mirrors the broader industry dynamics and the delicate balance between evolving to meet market demands while nurturing the existing partner ecosystem. The market is immense, and the needs are diverse. The essence of choice in the market remains a critical factor. It’s about co-existing and co-evolving.

As the discourse around the Cirrus announcement subsides, it offers a valuable avenue for all stakeholders to reflect, adapt, and innovate.

While apprehensions linger, the belief is that the core ethos of Veeam’s partnership with our cloud and service providers will continue to flourish. It is my strong opinion that the collaborative and innovative spirit, which has been a hallmark of this partnership, will forge ahead, ensuring that the journey is mutually rewarding and aligned with the evolving market landscapes.