It’s not every day you get the chance to sit down with someone as experienced and in the world of cybersecurity as Gil Vega. This month, in alignment with Cyber Security Awareness Month, I had the pleasure of inviting Gil onto the Sound of Tech to Come..a Veeam Podcast. The insights he shared, not just about the escalating challenges in cybersecurity, but also about the evolving role of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in contrast to roles like CTOs, are worth the listen and I wish that we had more time to dive even deeper.

Gil’s Role at Veeam and Veeam’s Approach to Security:

One of the most interesting parts of our conversation was diving into Gil’s role within Veeam. As a CISO, he is not just responsible for safeguarding our digital assets but also for fostering a culture of security awareness throughout the company. Veeam recognizes the importance of not just protecting its own infrastructure but also ensuring that its products and solutions uphold the highest standards of security for its customers.

Veeam’s internal strategy revolves around proactive monitoring, constant upskilling of its staff, and ensuring all touchpoints, from development to deployment, are secured. Gil emphasized that at Veeam, security isn’t just about reacting to threats; it’s about anticipating them. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Veeam is not just a leader in the backup and data management space but also a trusted partner for businesses concerned about their digital safety.

Externally, Veeam’s products are designed with a keen understanding of the evolving threat landscape. With features focused on secure data transmission, encryption at rest, and compliance with global regulations, Veeam ensures businesses can confidently protect and recover their data, even in the face of sophisticated cyber threats.

Key Takeaways:

One of the standout takeaways from our discussion was Gil’s perspective on the defining aspects of a CISO. In an era where businesses are rapidly digitizing, the CISO is no longer a gatekeeper of digital assets but an enabler, aligning technology strategy with core business objectives. This isn’t about just blocking threats; it’s about facilitating growth and innovation while ensuring security. The ability of a CISO to understand the broader business landscape, from revenue streams to strategic planning, is increasingly crucial.

Gil also touched on an interesting analogy, likening the cybersecurity landscape to two individuals confronted by a bear; you don’t necessarily have to outrun the bear, just the person next to you. This encapsulates a lot about how companies should approach security. It’s not necessarily about having the most high-tech solutions (though 100% that helps and having Veeam as central component of your Cyber Toolkit), but rather about being a harder target than the next business. This isn’t about complacency but practicality. Fundamentals, such as patching, managing privileged users, and having a rock-solid backup strategy, can significantly increase an attacker’s cost, making them more likely to move to an easier target.

That said, the conversation also highlighted the grim reality: cyber threats are on the rise, with AI paving the way for smarter, more challenging attacks. The sophistication and innovation on the part of cyber adversaries are, in Gil’s words, “incredibly impressive.” It’s a sobering reminder of the need for continual vigilance and proactive strategies, especially as technology continues to evolve.

As we wrapped up, the importance of resilience in the face of such threats was evident. While Veeam might not label itself a cybersecurity company per se, its role in ensuring businesses can quickly and confidently recover from attacks is undeniable. In Gil’s eyes, Veeam provides an indispensable tool in a CISO’s arsenal, bolstering businesses’ defenses against these threats.

Final Thoughts:

Summarising it all up, this Cyber Security Awareness Month, we need to take a collective moment to appreciate the ever shifting landscape of cyber threats and the pivotal role of professionals like Gil, who are on the front lines, ensuring businesses stay one step ahead.

As always, it’s a reminder that in the digital realm, being prepared isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.