Over my now twenty plus year career in IT, i’ve been very fortunate to be around technical innovation from all sides of the technology fence. Working in the service provider industry allowed me to help drive innovation for hosting and cloud platforms together with some very smart people. Now, at Veeam, I have the pleasure of directing customers and partners on how to use Veeam technology to drive their own innovation. In fact the inspiration for the Great Things with Great Tech Podcast was born from my love of doing great things with great technology during my previous roles. The aim of that podcast is to highlight and celebrate those companies… very much like what is the aim of the Veeam Innovation awards.

Innovation in the cloud and backup space is rapidly evolving and has completely transformed the way businesses and individuals store and protect their data. Gone are the days of relying on physical storage devices and cumbersome backup systems. Now, cloud technology allows for seamless data backup, access, and collaboration from anywhere in the world – ChatGPT

Since 2018,  Veeam has celebrated both compelling partner delivered solutions and great customer-achieved outcomes through the Veeam Innovation Awards (VIAs). We have run this award since VeeamON Chicago and it’s gathered pace and gone from strength to strength. We did not do the awards at VeeamON 2022 for a number of reasons, and we are extremely excited to announce that VIAs are returning for VeeamON 2023, including both customer and partner VIA categories

  • Customer VIA nominations can come from either the Veeam customer themselves or be nominated by their Veeam partner. We’re looking to celebrate great outcomes such as better availability, economic savings, increased agility for BC/DR, successful recovery from a dire event, etc.
  • Partner VIA nominations celebrate solutions that the partner is bringing to market by harnessing the power of Veeam products and technologies. Please note, this year, partners should also nominate at least one customer using their solution, so that we can celebrate not only the awesomeness of the solution offering itself, but also the great outcomes that the solution achieves.

We have also launched a new permanent home for the Veeam Innovation Awards so that you can check out all the past winners at each VeeamON or Velocity event in the past. Believe me, winning this award is massively prestigious and helps uplift and celebrate both individuals and companies alike.

The new VIA home page can be accessed here.

Nominations are open now until Feb. 10, 2023. VIA awardees will be notified by early April, so that they can plan on attending VeeamON in person in Miami.