Over the last couple of weeks we have continued to add to our v12 Data Platform by releasing new versions of Veeam Backup for AWS v6 (Build and Veeam Backup for Azure v5 (Build It’s crazy to think that we only first released the AWS product back in late 2019, followed by Azure in 2020. We have produced a uniform look and feel to each of these public cloud products (along with Backup for GCP) and keept features in step with each other, while recognising that each cloud platform does things slightly (sometimes drastically) differently to each other.

The value of using 3rd party backup products for protecting public cloud workloads can’t be undersold. Built-in native tools only go so far and actually adds to customer lock-in while added features and functionality add flexibility and choice. Backup for AWS and Azure delivers native, policy-based protection for reliable recovery from accidental deletion, ransomware and other data loss scenarios. With an API-first approach, immutable backups and full- and file-level restores ensure resilient protection that’s easy and cost-optimized, freeing up time and resources for strategic IT priorities

Veeam Backup for AWS v6

I’ll be honest and say that the feature that gets me most excited about this v6 release is the large amount of value in the Veeam Service Provider Console integration that I will touch on in a separate blog post, but there also are a number of capabilities in v6 release which have improved on the v5 release and will prove valuable for customers looking to consume the product.

  • Enterprise Scalability V6 brings scalability improvements to protect large-scale AWS environments with a single appliance. This simplifies the overall backup management process and enhances the performance of configured policies, including internal backup appliance tasks, while reducing the number API calls to the public cloud.
  • Immutability support Users can now store backups in immutable Amazon S3 storage. Placing backups in a write once, read many (WORM) state should ensure the integrity of backup data to defend against cyber threats that seek to attack and encrypt critical data in backups

In terms of the other enhancements, The v6 release for Veeam Backup for AWS includes support for GP3 disks, multi-tenant container Oracle databases, modern authentication and security certificate verification for  mail servers, Veeam Universal License support for license portability, and enhanced reporting for better monitoring and reporting of backup and archive tasks. These improvements aim to enhance the performance, security, and manageability of Veeam Backup for AWS for customers.

Veeam Backup for Azure v5

The feature set of the new version is in line with Backup for AWS and again I will be touching on how Service Provider Console integration is done in a future post, but for the moment below is a summary of the top features of enhancements… for the full list, click on the What’s New link here, or below in the Links and Downloads section.

  • Immutability Support for storing VMs and Azure SQL backups in Immutable Storage for Azure Blob, ensuring the integrity of backup data against cyberthreats.
  • Enterprise Scalability Improvements for protecting large-scale Azure environments through a single appliance, simplifying backup management and enhancing performance.

A host of new features and enhancements are also included, including load control for backup repositories, providing greater control over data performance and avoiding unneeded throttling from the public cloud. Integration with the Veeam Service Provider Console allows for deploying, configuring, updating, and managing backup appliances, as well as monitoring, reporting, and billing capabilities. Enhanced security features, such as modern authentication and security certificate verification for mail servers, improve the security aspect of your configured infrastructure. Veeam Universal License support allows for a single, portable type of licensing that spans across all workloads, making multi-cloud strategy more streamlined. Additionally, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure now splits backup and archive tasks into separate sessions for better and more granular monitoring and reporting.

Links and Downloads:

Generated ChatGPT TL:DR

Veeam has released new versions of Veeam Backup for AWS v6 and Veeam Backup for Azure v5, with a focus on uniformity of features and a policy-based protection for public cloud workloads. The Veeam Backup for AWS v6 offers enterprise scalability and immutability support, as well as enhancements for GP3 disks, multi-tenant container Oracle databases, modern authentication and security certificate verification, Veeam Universal License support, and enhanced reporting. On the other hand, Veeam Backup for Azure v5 provides immutability support for Azure Blob storage, enterprise scalability improvements, load control for backup repositories, integration with Veeam Service Provider Console, enhanced security features, and Veeam Universal License support, among others.