As the demand for serverless computing continues to rise, WebAssembly (WASM) is emerging as a game-changer in the industry. With the potential to simplify the deployment and management of serverless applications, WASM could even surpass Kubernetes as the go to defacto platform for application deployment and management.

WASM addresses some potential flaws in Kubernetes, such as security and ease of use, by allowing code to move seamlessly between servers, clouds, and edge devices without involving developers. With the rise of WASM, there is an existential threat to Docker and containers in the industry.

Fermyon’s Spin is a developer tool designed to optimize the deployment and management of WebAssembly applications. The company has also introduced a new platform, Platform One, which runs on Nomad, Consul, and Vault, providing a seamless serverless experience for WebAssembly applications.

Kubecon Announcement

At this years Kubecon EU held in Amsterdam, Fermyon has recently introduced the Fermyon Cloud Key Value Store, which allows users to persist non-relational data in a key/value store managed by Fermyon Cloud. This new feature provides local stateful storage capacity for both Fermyon Cloud and Spin 1.1, improving the developer experience for WebAssembly applications. With the low latency offered by WebAssembly, the data remains available for serverless applications in just milliseconds.

Matt Butcher and I talk WASM

In episode 63 of Great Things with Great Tech, I sit down with Matt Butcher, Co-Founder and CEO of Fermyon, a company that is revolutionizing cloud computing with their serverless WebAssembly platform. We discuss the company’s core product, Spin, and how it simplifies the deployment and management of WebAssembly applications, enabling developers to focus on the important aspects of their projects.

Fermyon is at the forefront of the WebAssembly revolution, and its innovative solutions are poised to transform the way serverless applications are deployed and managed.

To learn more about Fermyon and the future of serverless with WebAssembly, tune in to episode above in video format or in the podcast player at the top of the post.

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