That is a tightrope of a blog title as ever i’ve written… so let’s see how this goes!

I had the pleasure of joining host Jeremy Balius, on the Filament podcast which was released last week. I’ve known Jeremy for a number of years now and he has grown Filament into an impressive B2B Marketing company here in Australia and beyond. When he asked me to come on and talk about Marketing from the point of view of a technologist, I really didn’t know how it was going to play out. I am often the butt of some jokes from my peers in regards to me being in marketing (of which, that is true and I started out in Veeam at a Technical Evangelist in the Global Marketing org) but in essence, everyone needs to sell and I’ve been honing the art of technical marketing for years now. Whether that is through this blog, through the content I product internally or externally at Veeam, or in more recent times, through my Podcasting endeavours.

The one thing i’ve always tried to be is real and authentic and always bring a no bullshit approach to my content. Never being a sheep and challenging the status quo. That includes the often difficult tightrope of towing the official company line while remaining true to myself and my reputation in the industry. I’ve been very lucky thus far in my career that in all my roles at all the companies i’ve worked for, I’ve had some level of autonomy to write and produce what I want, in the style that I want… and more to the point… create content that is genuine and relatable.

With that, have a listen to the conversation below with Jeremy as I go through a number of inner reflections of my time a a professional tech marketer 🙂


Anthony Spiteri shares his origin story and career progression, from starting in tech support to becoming a regional CTO for Veeam. He discusses the early days of blogging and content creation, as well as the importance of authenticity in communication. Anthony also talks about the challenges of communicating complex topics and the rollout of Veeam’s V12 release. He provides insights into how B2B tech marketers can approach CTOs and build relationships. Finally, Anthony shares his future focus and big bets for 2024.

From Help Desk to Regional CTO – My Career Trajectory

Reflecting on my career, I recounted my early days at a local ISP and hosting provider, where my journey in tech began. This experience laid the foundation for my progression through various technical roles, each marked by pivotal projects and learning opportunities. As I navigated through these roles, my responsibilities evolved, ultimately leading me to Veeam Software, where I currently serve as the Regional CTO for APJ.

The Art of Content Marketing in Tech

One of the key aspects we discussed was how a CTO approaches content marketing. In today’s tech landscape, distilling complex technical topics into understandable content is crucial. This not only aids in clear communication but also ensures that diverse audiences grasp the essence of the technology. The challenge, as I noted, lies in aligning technical details with overarching business outcomes, a skill I’ve honed over time.

Launching Veeam’s V12: A Case Study in Complex Communication

We also touched upon the intricacies involved in launching a major product like Veeam’s V12. This process requires a fine balance between technical information and market-driven messaging. The task is to create content that resonates with both technical enthusiasts and decision-makers in the business sector.

Engaging with B2B Marketers as a Regional CTO APJ for Veeam 

I often find myself the target of B2B marketing efforts. I shared insights into the types of approaches that fail to make an impact and emphasised the value of relationship-based marketing. For me, a compelling and relevant technology proposition is key to capturing my interest, rather than a direct sales pitch.

Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond

Looking forward to 2024, I foresee a year of growth and consolidation in Veeam’s market positioning. Our focus will be on cybersecurity within our ecosystem, striking a balance between being a key player and maintaining our core identity as a backup company. Personally, I aim to continue my engagement with the tech community, aiming to bring more tier-one vendors onto Great Things with Great Tech.

This podcast episode was a great opportunity to share my thoughts on the intersection of technology and content marketing. It’s a space where I continue to learn, grow, and contribute

Key Takeaways

  • Authenticity is key in content marketing, allowing for a more personal and relatable approach.
  • Communicating complex topics requires distilling information into digestible presentations and easy-to-understand statements.
  • Building relationships with CTOs involves understanding their interests and needs, and offering compelling technology solutions.
  • Approaching CTOs with a sales-focused mindset is not effective; instead, focus on forming genuine connections and providing value.




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