Version 10 of Veeam Backup & Replication isn’t too far away and we are currently at the end of a second private BETA for our customers and partners. There has been a fair bit of content released around v10 functionality and features from our Veeam Vanguard’s over the past couple of weeks and as we move closer to GA, as part of the lead up, I am doing a series on some of the cool new enhancements that are coming as part of the release. These will be quick short takes that give a glimpse into what’s coming as part of the v10 release.

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Restore to AWS EC2 Enhancements

The ability to restore direct to EC2 is something that is demanded these days and the addition of this feature in Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 was one of the most highly anticipated of that release. With the addition of this we unlocked recovery of any platform to any location. Backups, once stored in the Veeam Backup File format, ensures total portability of workloads. In terms of restoring to EC2, the process is straight forward and can be done via the Backup & Replication console or via PowerShell.

There was one major request from customers by way of a Feature Request for Restore to EC2. That was to improve the networking logic that previously always allocated an external IP address to a restored instance. If we have a look at the 9.5 Update 4 implementation, when going through the restore process, when it comes to AWS VPC networking we see the below options.

Which results in a restored EC2 instance that is assigned a public IP by default.

The biggest issue here is cost and security when having a EC2 instance assigned an Elastic IP Address and being exposed on the internet. Customer wanted the option to have a restored VM not have assigned a public IP.

In v10, this has been rectified with the addition of an extra option during the VPC Network window as shown below.

The new drop down, give you the option to assign a Public IP address or Do not assign. Which results in the restored VM not being assigned a Public IP or without one.


Wrap Up:

That was a quick look at a small but important enhancement in v10. We have made the Restore to EC2 feature more flexible for our customers by giving them the option to assign a public IP or not during the restore process. This leads to better controls around security.. .and costs.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I go through some more hidden gems.

Disclaimer: The information and screen shots in this post is based on BETA code and may be subject to change come final GA.