There is no doubt we are moving into a new era of infrastructure to host applications and workloads on. And as organisations start to move back to on-premises platforms from the public cloud it’s not necessarily vSphere that they are coming back to. RedHat is pushing hard with on-premises stacks such as OpenShift and KVM in its own right have been making strong headway outside of its traditional strongholds of education and telco and into Service Providers and enterprises. That said, when organizations come back from the cloud to settle into a more hybrid/multiple cloud world dictated by the application it makes sense that some elements of cloud are not lost.

Born out of the tech that was Yottabyte, is starting to make waves and get success by offering a converged platform that includes storage, compute, networking, security, multi-tenancy, DR and automation all in the one installation. The offer a way to take general purpose servers, install their Verge OS onto them and get rid of the headaches that come with generally disparate and de-coupled infrastructure components… all managed by the platform they are looking to displace VMware, Nutanix and provide a better option for on-premises cloud based operations.

It’s a bold strategy and an even bolder play in a market were the incumbents dominate. But there is something about that I believe makes it stand out and considered as an option for the new wave of infrastructure.

The is a brilliant value prop and worth listening to what CEO has to say about what value they add in todays. If you are an IT operater, it’s worth finding out more about what does… you can listen above or view the GTwGT episode below.

Liquifying Compute, Storage and networking with Yan Ness:

In this episode I talk with Yan Ness, Chief Executive Officer at is a single piece of hyper-converged virtualization software that makes it easy to use existing resources to create secure multi-tenant private clouds. provides a simpler way to virtualize data centers and end IT infrastructure complexity. The company’s Verge OS software is the first and only fully integrated virtual cloud software stack to build, deploy and manage virtual data centers. Verge-OS delivers significant capital savings, increased operational efficiencies, reduced risk, and rapid scalability. Yan and I talk about the shift from traditional de-coupled platforms like VMware and how even the Public Cloud is overly complex. Through simplicity of the stack, is able to allow service providers and organizations function without the hassles associated with standard hardware platforms. was borne from YottaByte, founded in 2010 as a replacement for on-premises infrastructure. Eventually, YottaByte rebranded to and is head quartered out of Greater Detroit Area, Great Lakes.

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