Don’t call this a reboot!

It’s no secret that i’ve been caught by the Podcast bug…in fact consuming information via audio has become the number one way that I absorb information. My Audible Library has grown, and I listen to a dedicated set of tech industry and business related Podcasts daily. As a content creator, I realised that creating audio/video content was becoming more desired by audiences and in the depths of the pandemic in 2020 I started Great Things with Great Tech. That has been a learning journey for me in many ways, but it has also been hugely beneficial in me expanding, not only my own reach… but my ability (and love) in being able to talk to a host of different personas across varied areas of technology. Fifty plus Episodes into GTwGT and that isn’t stopping!

A Failed Experiment   

Last year I attempted to get into some sort of cadence trying to match one-for-one a podcast per blog post on this site as a short snackable Podcast Episode. Virtualization is Life! has been in existence for over ten years now (now there is a future Though on X Episode right there) but increasingly so, as my career has evolved, I get to tinker less and less and the wide array of technologies that I used to have at my disposal through working and doing. That isn’t to say that I haven’t put out some decent content over the past twelve months, it’s more me being realistic about where things are trending.

Either way, that experiment didn’t work and the Podcast version of the blog for the most part sat dormant as I continued to sporadically put out blog posts. That was until a couple weeks back when I decided to record some thoughts on a very public data breach here in Australia. I released it as a Podcast (click Play Below) and with the supporting LinkedIn and Twitter posts, it was very well received.

I realised that while not everyones cup of tea… continuing down this path was right for me!

A Better Way Forward

It’s probably been coming for a while, and in honesty, this post didn’t start out with the intention of expressing where I am at with my blogging, but it’s clear to me that my focus has shifted to different areas and I engage with a number of different personas these days (as I express in the first Thoughts on X Podcast Episode) meaning that conversational content that is audio focused is what I love doing. This is a natural progression and in many way, lines up with where the online consumption of all content and media is heading… I know that in many ways I am starting fresh again

… but I hope that there are enough people out there who learn, enjoy and are ok listening to what I have to say.

I’ll still continue to blog right here about new Veeam product and feature releases as well as when I do get to play with new technologies in the virtualization and cloud space… that includes modern platforms like Kubernetes and new platform IaaS and keeping my interest in Infrastructure as Code and automation. I don’t think I can stay away from tinkering, and I have to remain somewhat dirty to ensure I can speak from a position of power and knowledge when it comes to all things Cloud and Service Provider as well as the wider breadth of tech that I cover on Great Things with Great Tech.

I’m excited about this reboot… even though… let’s not call it one 🙂

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