While the Veeam Product Strategy Team had our wings clipped this year by Covid, together with Veeam as a whole, we adjusted to this by trying to get to the masses via different means. One of these was an idea that we had in the early days of the pandemic which was to bring members of the Product Strategy team together, on Zoom, and have a live off the cuff discussions about what was happening in the world.

The discussions were relaxed and covered a lot of different topics, but we always brought it back to technology trends in the industry without this being heavily Veeam marketing… in fact, we chose to steer away from that and keep it more generally focused.

Through the year, we managed to get through eleven episodes across fours different platforms. We ended up on FaceBook Live for the final show… this was a far cry from the open Zoom episodes … on which we got ZoomBombed! I wrote about that here. Most episodes are on Veeam’s YouTube channel so if you are feeling bored or need a chuckle… head here.

In our last episode, Michael, David and I recapped 2020… it was a great discussion and can be viewed below.