Multi Factor Authentication is pretty much standard now when it comes to accessing online accounts and most companies have implemented MFA for their employees to use when logging into most corporate systems. There are some additional layers of complexity that this can add when looking to leverage MFA on third party applications. When it comes to configuring an Azure Compute account from Veeam Backup & Replication, there are two paths to a successful configuration depending on whether MFA is configured against your Azure Account.

Once you are in the Cloud Credential Manager, select Compute account and then select if it’s for Azure or Azure Stack, you get to Subscription. If you see the following error when you enter in your Azure account then it more than likely means that you have MFA configured against that account.


That seems like a messy error, but it’s telling us that the account can’t be authenticated or authorised. To cater for this, we have built a way to interact and authorise an Azure account enabled with MFA which will result in a successful configuration.

The first thing that is needed is to install Azure PowerShell by following the link


Once installed it’s recommended to restart the Backup & Replication console. Upon restart follow the same procedure… this time it will take you to the external authentication mechanism for your organization.


Follow the MFA process which will result in the account being imported


Which will allow you to move onto the next step and complete the configuration.