Last week NSX-v 6.1.5 (Build 3102213) was released…This is a minor point release but does resolve a number of bugs present from previous 6.1.x builds and introduces one new feature into the Web Client:

Controller connectivity status: NSX Manager user interface is enhanced to display the connectivity status between NSX controllers in the controller cluster. This allows you to view connectivity differences between nodes. For example, in a cluster with three controllers, A, B, and C, the control status would allow you to detect a partial cluster partition where A is connected to B and C, but B and C cannot view each other.

Note: I wanted to show a screen grab of what the new feature looks like but I’m having some issues upgrading my labs from 6.1.4 to 6.1.5 where the upgrade process stalls on Verifying Uploaded File…I’ll investigate that further and update the post when I’ve had a successful upgrade.


Given the recent history of odd point releases you may want to hold off on upgrading your production instances of NSX for a couple of weeks and also put the build through the usual change processes and test out how things go in your labs.

In any case I’ve gone through the list of Resolved Issues and picked out some of the more relevant fixes for what we are doing at the moment with NSX-v around NSX Edge Services.

  • Copy of VM via vCloud Connector fails when route traverses NSX Load Balancer
  • After NSX upgrade, guest introspection fails to communicate with NSX Manager
    After upgrading from NSX 6.0.x to NSX 6.1.x or from NSX 6.0.x to NSX 6.2 and before the guest introspection service is upgraded, the NSX Manager cannot communicate with the Guest Introspection USVM
  • Delayed mouse movement when viewing FW rules
    In NSX Networking and Security section of vSphere Web Client, moving the mouse over rows in the Firewall Rules display results in a 3 second delay each time the mouse is moved.
  • Cannot redeploy NSX Edge with L2VPN Service configured with CA-signed certificate
    Cannot redeploy or change size of NSX Edge with L2VPN Service configured with CA-signed or self-signed certificate.
  • Slow login to NSX tab of vSphere web client with AD-backed SSO
    In NSX for vSphere installations that use SSO for AD authentication, the user’s initial login to the NSX Networking and Security section of the vSphere Web Client takes a long time.
  • The message bus randomly does not start after NSX Edge reboot
    After restarting an Edge VM, the message bus often does not start after powering on, and an additional reboot is required.

There isn’t a big list of resolved issue when compared to the amount of fixes in the last 6.1.4 release, however the list of fixes is still significant with the ones listed above and the rest contained in the release notes.

If you have the correct entitlements you can download the 6.1.5 Bundles here: