This is a really quick NSX Byte..but one that could save you some head scratching when looking to upgrade your vShield Manager to the NSX Manager. If you get the following error while trying to upload the VSM to NSX Manager Upgrade Bundle:

The Following error occurred:

Invalid file ‘VMware-vShield-Manager-upgrade-bundle-to-NSX-6.0.4-1752381.gz’



Open up a Command Prompt and rename or copy the VMware-vShield-Manager-upgrade-bundle-to-NSX-6.0.4-1752381.gz to VMware-vShield-Manager-upgrade-bundle-to-NSX-6.0.4-1752381.tar.gz and attempt the upload again.


It’s actually a common issue with the vShield Upgrade Bundles where the browser (Chrome in this case) modifies the extension from tar.gz to .gz A simple fix and we can continue to upgrade the vShield Manager to NSX. Don’t forget to shutdown the VM after the upgrade and modify the vCPU and RAM to 4vCPUs and 12GB or RAM.

More upgrade info can be found here as well as upgrade pre-requisists: