At Virtualization Field Day 2015, PernixData CTO Satyam Vaghani presented to the VFD5 delegates on some of the new features being released by PernixData. Personally speaking FVP is already a great product and at times I wonder what more can be done to make it better. However from what I have heard and now seen at VFD5…PernixData are not going to rest on the current success of FVP.

In what is becoming less and less of a surprise these days with disruptive Tech startups PernixData are releasing a free version of FVP called “FVP Freedom” This will be a free, community based version of FVP.

The free edition will come with the following limitations:

  • One cluster only
  • DFTM Only (no SSD or PCIe acceleration)
  • Read Acceleration Only – 128GB Per Cluster write-through
  • Community support only

The fact you can only accelerate VM read workloads on RAM is a little bit restrictive (and resource expensive) but being able to use the DFTM-Z feature is seriously impressive and a very smart move by PernixData who openly state that they way FVP in every ESXi hosts on the planet! Grand plans forsure, but by releasing this free tier it allows enthusiasts to consume the product at it’s most capable.

For a further read up on the reset of the PernixData Announcements at #VFD5, head over to Duncan Epping‘s blog post here or have a read of James Green’s post here.

For those that are interested, you can pre-register for FVP Freedom here:

Additional Links:

Fully functional 30 day trial of FVP 2.5 here:

At Zettagrid, we have already taken advantage of what PernixData has to offer and have integrated the FVP solution into parts of our IaaS platform. Zettagrid Case Study: