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Last week at VMworld I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with the PernixData team and got some great insights into their future products including FVP, Architect and FVP Freedom. Today PernixData has released into GA FVP 3.0 which includes some significant new features and supportability for all those who are on vSphere 6.0. There are also some performance enhancements, support for offsite metadata analytics of if you choose to allow PernixPlus as well as an improved license activation experience through the new HTML5 Portal.

Support for vSphere 6.0

FVP 3.0 introduces support for vSphere 6.0.  Maintain your world class performance as you transition over to vSphere 6.0.  FVP 3.0 also supports mixed environments of vCenter 6.0 with hosts running ESXi 5.1 or newer as you phase in vSphere 6.0 across your data center.  With the support of vSphere 6.0, FVP 3.0 will no longer be supporting vSphere 5.0. 

New HTML5 based User Interface

FVP 3.0 offers a completely new user experience.  Administer FVP using a modern, fast, and flexible interface with a web browser while moving past the inherent limitations of the vSphere Web Client.  This new interface can be used on its own, or easily launched from the vSphere Web Client.  FVP is known for its elegant presentation of performance metrics, and version 3.0 improves on this experience even more with enhancements to the performance data presented.


FVP is an amazingly simple and elegant solution for those wanting to get more out of their existing backend storage or looking to add new levels of performance via SSD or PCI Based Flash…FVP 3.0 software, along with documentation, will be available on the PernixData support portal at  

As a sidenote, with this release PernixData have stopped official support for FVP 1.0.