A little after vCenter Operations Manager 5.0 went GA I posted this forum thread in regards to the default time-out value of the Web UI…Thanks to ILIO and VEIgel for follow-up posts with the initial solution, which at this time wasn’t documented. This is now covered in the release notes for 5.0.1 under known issues. But for those who haven’t read through the issues see the below to adjust the UI Time-out on vCOPS 5.0 (and now 5.0.1). The default time-out value is 30 minutes.

To change the default timeout value in the vSphere UI in the vApp:

  1. On the UI VM, edit /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/tomcat/webapps/vcops-vsphere/WEB-INF/web.xml and adjust the value for session-timeout parameter. Minus one (-1) results in an infinite timeout ” the session will not expire at all.
  2. Restart the Apache Tomcat web server by running the command: service vcopsweb restart

With the release of 5.0.1 it looks like any customizations you may have done get overwritten, so this process will have to be repeated upon every update. I’ve read posts about having to save any custom dashboards you may have created as well.

As a side note, I’ve noticed that by default you are able to use the login credentials relative to the vCenter instance(s) you have registered in the admin console…however I’ve found that when I added vCenters that use different LDAP sources the UI won’t let you login with any previously working LDAP account and you will need to log in with the default admin account…not sure if that’s a bug, or by design…I was surprised that it picked up user auth without any additional config from the first vCenter registered. In my example I had three vCenters registered, the first two had common LDAP profiles, while the third was standalone…

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