EDIT 2pm AWST: Seems as though the link and announcement has been pulled so take with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed or otherwise.
EDIT 3:15pm ASWT: Link is back.
EDIT 5:15pm ASWT: Link is pulled. Will continue to monitor but read below for info as it was earlier in the day.
Just saw a tweet come through sounded out the news that VMware was shutting down the vCloud Air Service in Japan. This to me was a bit of a shock as I was under the impression that vCloud Air in Japan was strong and the Japanese market had embraced the service.


Above is the statement that just went out via the VCA Japanese page. I’ve copied the translation below:


So it’s good news for the vCloud Air Network providers who in theory will pick up all the business by the 31st of March…but I do wonder what % of current VCA in Japan will move across or feel slightly disgruntled and move to competing platforms.

Given that the page has been pulled down it seems like someone has jumped the gun in terms of the announcement going public. I don’t believe this was a mistake as the statement is too well structured to be that. This more than likely will be made offical over the next week or so. When it is offical it will be interesting to see how VMware deal with the insinuations that will follow in regards to their other VCA Zones.