In what is welcome news for vCloud Air Service Providers that have integrated or are looking to integrate NSX-v into their offerings, NSX-v 6.2 is now officially supported in vCloud Director 8.0 as shown by the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix below.

Prior to this update I had tested (without issue) running vCD 8.0 and NSX 6.2 in one of my labs environments and with the release of vCD 8.0 there was full supportability up to NSX-v 6.1.4. What is still strange is that NSX-v 6.1.5 is now only compatible with vCD 8.0 and 5.5.5 meaning SPs on vCD SP 5.6.4/3 won’t have official support until they upgrade to 8.0.

The announcement means that now vCD 8.0 supports NSX 6.2 in the same backward compatibility mode as it did for the previous versions of NSX. In other words, only vCNS like capabilities of NSX 6.2 are supported in vCD 8.0 (as it did in the previous version of NSX). Any net new capabilities of NSX are still not supported in vCD 8.0 via this interoperability.

vCD 8.0 has laid the ground work for the new Edge capabilities found in NSX-v to be supported via Advanced Networking Services (ANS) when that is eventually released.

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