On the back of VMworld US and a bunch of other VMware Product Updates released last week…NSX 6.1 went GA late last week…. For a quick overview of the new feature enhancements from 6.0.x have a look at this post from @pandom_

Word is on the street that this upgrade is not without it’s complications. There may be an outage along the way and you will loose access to the VXLAN Virtual Wires at stages during the upgrade (tbc). With that in mind you want to be looking at an upgrade during a maintenance window…If you are like me and still have NSX in the lab then there is less to worry about, but for those who have it in production it’s worth noting.

NSX components must be upgraded in the following order:

  1. NSX Manager
  2. NSX controller
  3. Clusters and Logical Switches
  4. NSX Edge and Guest Introspection

The upgrade process is managed by the NSX Manager. If the upgrade of a component fails or is interrupted and you need to repeat or restart the upgrade, the process begins from the point at which it stopped; it does not start over from the beginning

1. Upgrade NSX Manager:

Take a snapshot of your NSX Manager VM as a just in case…Ensure that the Update Bundle is a .tar.gz as some browsers will remove the .gz from the extension resulting in the upgrade failing.


The upgrade process will begin and complete in relatively quick time. Once complete you will get a message as shown below


And while it doesn’t tell you it’s happening the NSX Manager Appliance is being rebooted in the background. Click on Close and refresh the webpage where you will be prompted to login again. All things being equal you should be at version 6.1


Ok, that’s the easy non disruptive part of the upgrade….next Part involves upgrading the NSX Controllers which I’ll go through in Part 2.

REF: http://pubs.vmware.com/NSX-61/index.jsp#com.vmware.nsx.install.doc/GUID-A4958E9B-7F2A-46EC-BAC9-5DA479E8A745.html