A few months ago I wrote a quick post on a bug that existed in vCloud Director 5.1 in regards to IP Sub Allocation Pools and IP’s being marked as in use when they should be available to allocate. What this leads to is a bunch of unusable IPs…meaning that they go to waste and pools can exhaust quicker…


  • Unused external IP addresses from sub-allocated IP pools of the gateway failed after upgrading from vCloud Director 1.5.1 to vCloud Director 5.1.2
    After upgrading vCloud Director from version 1.5.1 to version 5.1.2, attempting to remove unused external IP addresses from sub-allocated IP pools of a gateway failed saying that IPs are in use. This issue is resolved in vCloud Director 5.1.3.

This condition also presents it’s self in vCloud 5.5 environments that have 1.5 lineage. Greenfields deployments don’t seem affected…vCD 5.1.3 was suppose to contain the fix but the release notes where released in error…we where then told that the fix would come in vCD 5.5…but when we upgraded our zones we still had the issue.

We engaged VMware Support recently and they finally had a fix for the bug which has now been officially released in vCD 5.5.2 (BUILD 2000523). It’s great to see a nice long list of bug fixes in addition to the one specified in this post.


Looking forward to the next major release of vCloud Director which will be the first of the Service Provider Releases…more on that when it comes closer to GA.