I’ve just come across a situation in my vCloud Air On Demand Service where the Edge Gateway was showing up as unreachable.


Given vCloud Director is backing the vCloud Air Platform I identified this as a rare, but familiar occurrence of the vShield Edge VM either not being deploying correctly, or somehow loosing connectivity with its Manager. The good news is the fix is straightforward…

Click on Manage in vCloud Director in the top Right of the VCA Console.


This will launch the vCD UI…from there Click on Administration -> Your vDC -> Edge Gateways…You should see a System Alert next to the Edge…clicking on that alert will actually reload the page (my assumption is that this is either a vCD UI Bug, or System Alert Popups have been blocked by VMware) so what you need to do is Right-Click on the Edge and select Re-Deploy…you will also notice that all other options are grayed out, confirming that the Edge VM is unmanageable.


As shown above the Redeploying Edge Gateway Status will be displayed while the VM is being redeployed in the backend. This could take about 5 minutes…once done heading back to the VCA Console, hitting the Refresh Button should result in the alert disappearing and the Edge Gateway is now manageable again.