CloudPhysics are still quietly working away in the background continuing to improve their analytics service…and apart from recently announcing record results for 2015 have started to send out a weekly digests which gives a great snapshot of whats happened in your vSphere environment over the course of the previous week.

The digest contains the following:


Environment Summary As of 1 Feb Weekly Change
vCenters 3 0
Observers Online 3 0 —
Observers Offline 0 0 —
VMs 4071 0
Powered on 3086 3 ▲
Powered off 979 2 ▼
Suspended 6 1 ▼
Templates 0 0 —
Hosts 169 1
Clustered 168 1 ▲
Standalone 1 0 —
Avg. VMs (on) / Host (on) 30.7 0.4 ▼
Clusters 13 0
Datastores 64 0
Total Storage 1805.09 TB < 0.01 TB ▲
Free Storage 1477.48 TB 2.02 TB ▲
Events: 25 Jan – 1 Feb
VMs with Config Changes 90
VMs Created 7
vMotions 337

Issues: As of 1 Feb

We found 5 critical issues from VMware and top datacenter vendor knowledge base articles that are highly relevant to your vSphere installation.

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1 virtual machine(s) have snapshots using more than 75% of the disk space used by all their respective virtual disks.

Snapshots Gone Wild

4 host(s) are running unsupported VMware ESXi versions.

3 host servers are not supported by VMware.

Host Inventory

26 VM(s) have experienced performance degradation due to datastore contention in last 24 hours.

VM I/O Contentions

2 datastore(s) are in inaccessible state.

Datastore Space

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They have also made public the vCenter “Deep Linking” feature which I had been beta testing and using for a while…its a great mechanism to attend to issues directly from the CloudPhyics web UI and have the vCenter Web Client launch directly to the areas that requires attention.

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