Today I needed to update an Emulex NIC Driver for an new host that I installed using the VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 2 base image. I needed to chase up the latest OEM update bundle for the elxnet drivers… Generally sourcing these driver bundles can be a bit of a pain but I remembered a conversation I had last week with @dmanconi where he gave me a hot tip on a location “hidden in plain sight” where you have access to all the latest driver bundle updates for what appears to be the most common network and storage adapters for ESXi.

driversThis is located under the Horizon View 5.x Download Page on the MyVMware Website under the Drivers & Tools Tab.

As you can see above, the release dates for the drivers are as recent as a couple of days ago and the list is extensive. As usual the recommendation where possible is that you use specific Vendor release drivers for your production systems, but otherwise…they are all here at your fingertips!