Rubrik is a company a lot of IT Professionals have been keeping an eye since release of their v1.0 Appliance back in May. Their industry DNA is extremely impressive and with an equally impressive technical team they are set to shake up the B&R industry. I was thoroughly impressed with the Virtualization Field Day presentation (and the Chris Wahl coup) so it’s no surprise that they have come out big before VMworld 2015 with the release of v2.0 of their Converged Data Management Platform as well as unleashing a new Hybrid Cloud Appliance.

For those who where looking to compare the v1.0 version with existing Backup technology players in the market there was certainly a few shortcomings in the platform (mostly around general usability and reporting)…but for the most those have been addressed in v2.0 and I feel now with features like detailed reporting and capacity planning to go along with stronger application aware backup processing and an enhanced user experience through their UI that sits on top of their awesome hardware accelerated backup platform they have reached a point where a lot more potential clients will start to take serious notice of the benefits Rubrik brings to backups and replication.

RCDM Diagram-01
Rubrik are dead set on creating a product that adheres to all the modern tech methodologies shown above…with that they offer a truly next generation approach to a part of the industry that is still somewhat stuck in the dark ages of tape and legacy backup management…and they have a very slick UI!

I’m looking forward to diving a little more into what Rubrik has to offer and get my hands dirty with some hands on experience…also looking forward to catching up with Rubrik at VMworld.

Release Notes:

Rubrik Converged Data Management introduced the industry’s first data protection and instant recovery, while eliminating backup software. The release of version 2.0 packs replication and disaster recovery into the same, scale-out fabric.

  • Unlimited, non-disruptive replication – Asynchronous, deduplicated, WAN efficient, multi-way, and master-master native replication with zero impact on production.
  • Integrated policy engine – Complete data protection, including off-site replication and cloud archival, by selecting desired RPOs and retention within a single integrated policy engine.
  • Disaster recovery with near-zero RTO and elastic RPO – Failover and failback with complete data management among multiple sites. Mount your data directly on Rubrik for instant off-site recovery.
  • Compliance-readiness with action-oriented reporting – Replication policy compliance, including notifications on areas to troubleshoot. Rubrik r348 Hybrid Cloud Appliance
  • Rubrik extends its r300 Series by introducing the r348 Hybrid Cloud Appliance, which is optimized for larger environments or those requiring longer data retention. The r348 is a 2U unit with four x86 nodes that protects up to 300+ TB of data and comes pre-configured with Rubrik

VMworld Session:

Ohh, if you want a chance at winning the Lego shown in the picture below, make sure you attend Chris’s session STO6287-SPO …I’m trying to work out how I’m going to fit all that in the suitcase 🙂