At VeeamOn Update overnight we announced that Veeam Backup for Salesforce would be our next SaaS backup product, with intentionality to release some time in 2022. This is a huge announcement from us and one which is sure to produce a great amount of interest from existing and prospective customers. As Danny Allan talks about during the announcement at VeeamON Update, Salesforce backup has been a hotly asked for product for a number of years now and we are excited to be offering data protection for another huge SaaS based platform.

Veeam® Backup for Salesforce eliminates the risk of losing your Salesforce data and metadata so that your business is reliably protected with automated backups and stress‑free recovery. With Veeam, you can securely backup Salesforce data and metadata to anywhere – on‑premises, AWS, Azure + more and Quickly restore Salesforce data from loss or corruption, Protect against security threats or human error and Simplify Salesforce data compliance and minimize risk

So why are we going down the path of Salesforce? 

I think like anything in this world of software, if there is enough demand for supportability of a new platform, product or new feature, then it gets put into a bucket with other requests and from there gets vetted against a number of variables to work out if it has enough merit to be developed. Clearly Salesforce is a giant of the IT industry and between our Analysts, Veeam R&D Forums, Product Strategy and direct field requests there was enough to get it to bubble up to the surface. If that wasn’t enough, here are a few fact about Salesforce.

  • #1 Sales Automation Tool
  • More than 150,000 businesses use Salesforce
  • Salesforce generated $21.25 billion in the 2021 fiscal year 24.27% over the previous fiscal year
  • Salesforce has a 19.8% share of the CRM market. More than its 4 leading competitors combined.
  • ~56,000 employees work at Salesforce
  • In 2021, approximately 62% of Salesforce customers where located in the United States
  • Their Dreamforce Conference in 2019 commands over 171,000 registered attendees and 16 million online viewers

Also, this is an interesting timeline read – History of Salesforce

Why Now?

This is as good a question as asking… why not earlier? Or… why not some other SaaS platform before it? To answer the last part of that question… I think the above facts are enough to justify Salesforce being next. On the first part, my position on this, is that if you look at the success of our Backup for Microsoft 365 product over the past three to four years it might not be apparent that part of that success (apart from the actual technology) is eduction of the market. When we first launched that product, there wasn’t a great understanding about what it actually meant to backup and protect Office 365 data and the assumption was that it was automatically protected. Certainly, in todays IT environment, there is a better understanding that SaaS and Cloud need to be considered for backups and in fact, as you look around the SaaS platform (not actual SaaS based backup platform, but SaaS applications themselves) backup landscape, we are seeing more backup vendors popping up offering solutions.

In fact, just the other week, Salesforce themselves announced that they would be releasing their own native backup service as part of their offering. While some might argue that this would worry us, having just announced this ourselves, the reality is that this is a vindication of our move to add Salesforce capabilities to our platform. Most cloud and SaaS platforms have their own backup capabilities, but they are often limited and narrowly focused. The reality is that almost everyone knows that you need to leave backup and recovery to the professionals… inbuilt native tools might be ok for basic protection and compliance, but you need more resiliency with the ability to get more value out of your backups… and that is something we will achieve with this product.

For more information about Veeam Backup for Salesforce, register your interest on this page.