As those who have been using vCloud Director for a while…the ISO/OFV upload/download functionality can be frustrating to use at the best of times even though over the past few versions of vCD the experience has improved. Thats said there is a little black magic that needs to be performed to get the right browser/JAVA combination.

When upgrading from vCD 5.5.x to vCD SP 5.6.x (or the 8.0 Beta) there is a new set of configuration items that need to be set that are not that well documented in any of the online materials for vCD SP. The problem manifests when you try to download a vApp from the vCD UI.


If you where able to get this far (I’ve found IE10 Running in Admin Mode with the latest Client Integration Client works best) once you hit OK the window closes and nothing happens. There is no trigger to start the export and download process and you get no feedback from the UI that something has gone wrong.

After putting through a support ticket with GSS and also posting the problem in the vCloud Director 8.0 Beta Forums I got an email from John Hemming to look at the settings under System -> Administration -> Public Addresses. These settings are used when you place your Cells behind a NAT or Load Balancer combination…vCD uses that address to construct the organization URL that organization users access to log in to the system. This is true to API calls:

During the initial configuration of each cloud cell, you specified an HTTP service IP address. By default, vCloud Director uses that address in the XML responses from the REST API and as the upload target for the transfer service (for uploading vApp templates and media). To use a different address, specify a public REST API base URL

During the upgrade process the Public URL and Console Proxy URL’s are copied across ok, but in all my instances the REST API base URL’s where left blank. In addition to that there is a new section to upload the SSL Chain (X.590 Format).

vCloud Director 5 6 3-PublicAddresses

Once the details had been filled out relevant to the vCD Instance being configured and the SSL Certificate uploaded you should see a screen similar to this.


Once these settings have been applied you will get the familiar Upload/Download Status Bar and your download should complete without issue.