After not being able to share for a month or so it’s a honour to announce that I have been selected to be part of the inaugural Veeam Vanguard Program.


The Veeam Vanguard Program is a hand-selected list of people of all backgrounds who Veeam feels embraces our brand best in their communities. Some Vanguards are bloggers, some are active on our Veeam Forums, some are active on Spiceworks sharing a lot of Veeam-specific information and the list goes on for all of the ways Vanguards have engaged.

It’s an honour to be part of the program at it’s infancy that has been influenced by other Technical Award programs like the VMware vExperts and Cisco Champions The initial group of vanguards consist of 31 IT professionals from all around the world. The team behind the program has done an excellent job putting together the program with the page below showing all the Vanguards Bio, Social Media details and nationality.

Veeam has a history of producing great products and since I first got my hands on Veeam Backup & Replication (v4) I’ve been a fan of the simplicity and efficiency of what Veeam is able to do with Virtual Machine backups. For the most part their tag line of “It Just Works” holds true. What I love about Veeam is that every version since v4 has been a significant improvement over the last with the v8 version introducing my favorite feature Cloud Connect for Veeam…Special shout out going to their Instant Recovery Feature 🙂

At Zettagrid we have been able to push the limits of Veeam Backup & Replication by integrating it into our IaaS Platform for VM level backups while offering Cloud Connect for BaaS solutions and we are looking forward to improving that integration with Cloud Connect Replication coming in version 9 as we look to build on our ANZ Cloud Provider of the Year for 2014 Award.

Just to finish off…thanks to Rick Vanover for spear heading the program and to the rest of the Veeam Vanguard team shown below. A special shout out to Luca Dell’Oca for championing the Cloud Connect product for Service Providers.

Looking forward to being an active contributor to the program!

[So, what is a Vanguard?]

The vanguard (also called the advance guard) is the leading part of an advancing military formation. It has a number of functions, including seeking out the enemy and securing ground in advance of the main force. The vanguard derives from the traditional division of a medieval army into three battles or wards; the Van, the Main (or Middle), and Rear. The term Vanguard originates with the medieval French avant-garde, i.e. the ward in front. The vanguard would lead the line of march and would deploy first on the field of battle, either in front of the other wards or to the right if they stood in line.