vCloud Air Network Service Providers take note…rumours of vCloud’s death where greatly exaggerated. Enterprise users…I still feel you are missing out on one of the best Cloud Management Platforms going around…however!

The Beta program for vCD 8.0 (seems we have skipped 6 and 7) will go live from June 1st. As you can see below there are some great enhancements coming to the platform and look to take advantage of vSphere 6.0 and NSX 6.x functionality. Looking though the initial list of enhancements below, it seems that my wish around fixing the current limitations of the vApp look to be a focus area…opening up the possibility of better integration with 3rd Platform Containerized Applications

The upcoming release for vCloud Director has several new enhancements that will enable service providers drive operational efficiency and offer new capabilities to their cloud customers. Some of the key highlights for this release are:

  • vSphere 6.0 and NSX 6.1 compatibility
  • Virtual Data Center (VDC) templates for self service enablement of OnDemand infrastructure
  • vApp enhancements for better usability
  • VM limits and throttling to drive better operation efficiency and minimize noisy neighbor issues in multi-tenant environments
  • OAuth suport in authentication providers
  • Better provisioning and automation support with a new vRealize Orchestrator Plugin

Beta software bits to be available on June 1st 2015

UPDATE: For Service Providers, there is a a webinar the 1st of June from 8 – 9:30 a.m. PST which is going to kickoff the vCloud Director 8.0 Beta. From the landing page it will present us with system requirements, compatibility matrix and more.

If you are a Service Provider and have access to vCloud Director SP click here to sign up for the beta. As the Beta is NDA, this is the only post I’ll be doing until the Confidentiality clauses are lifted closer to release…which I don’t expect to be until the end of the year…or into the new year.