Voting is Open for VMWorld 2014 and I have submitted three sessions for your consideration. The first session is a VMUG User Conference Presentation I Co-Presented at the Sydney and Melbourne Events in February and I’ve decided to take it solo to VMWorld…the other two are joint sessions I will present with CloudPhysics as talk sponsors.

The IT CAN’T BE DONE! session is explained below and I’m hoping that there is enough interest in the vCloud Suite to get the numbers together to present this talk again…it had excellent feedback from the VMUG Conferences and is a true community sharing session and not a set of marketing slides…

Title SESSION 1229 – “IT CAN’T BE DONE!” vCloud Platform Upgrade
Abstract ZettaGrid recently undertook what may have been Australia’s largest vCloud Platform upgrade from 1.5.1 to 5.1. In this presentation I would like to share with you how we successfully planned and executed the upgrade of our 3000 workload production environment with zero downtime and zero customer impact. 

As presented at the Melbourne and Sydney VMUG Conferences this year I will take you through our considerations and planning process, and why we went against the prevailing best practise advice of a side by side migration to go down the in-place upgrade path.

Despite the best planning and lab modelling efforts we allowed for and in fact did run into a few gotchas and roadblocks which we also look forward to sharing with you.

Last but by no means least I’ll discuss the lessons learned and advice for anyone else contemplating the path from 1.5 to 5.x and beyond followed by a peek into what the future holds in vCloud vNext.

So, login using our VMWorld Username and Password (even if your not going this year, register and vote) and do a Filter Search for “Spiteri”…you will see the three sessions listed as below:


It would be an extremely humbling and exciting experience to have an opportunity to speak at VMWorld…one I know doesn’t come easy…so here is hoping! Thanks in advance for the vote!

For those that need visual direction 🙂 I’ve included below a How-To-Vote Video: