I had been looking for a way to get quick reports from our vCloud Zones using PowerCLI that reports on VM Allocated Usage. Basically I wanted to get a list of VMs/vAPPs and return values for allocated vCPU, vRAM and Storage.

I cam across this blog from Geek After Five @jakerobinson which uses the PowerCLI CI command Get-CIVM, which typically can be used to report on name, vCPU and vRAM count…but not storage. I’ve slightly extended the script to list vCloud Orgs and created another script that can list vCloud vDCs and then return values for all VMs contained the contained vAPPs. The smarts of the script is all Jakes, so thankyou for creating and sharing. #community



Example Output Below:


I would have liked to format the List a little better, but was running into a double format-table issue in the array, so for the moment it’s a fairly messy list, but none the less helpful. Next step is to add an email function to get the CSV info delivered for further use.