This is a quick post to alert Veeam users to an issue that was raised in the Veeam Community Forums yesterday…firstly if you are a Veeam customer and are not registered for the Veeam Community Forum Digest that Anton Gostev releases every Sunday night then stop reading this and go register here! There is some awesome content that Anton covers and its not just limited to backups but general industry news and trends as well.

Once you have done that I thought I would bring to everyone’s attention an important note that Gostev mentioned in his last update relating to an issue with Veeam Instant Recovery and all dependent features when ESXi 6.0 Patch 6 (Build  3825889) is installed.

This patch was released on the 12th of May so chances are some people have deployed it and are being impacted if they use or rely on Instant Recovery. As Gostev mentions, Veeam have an ongoing support case with VMware but as is usual with Veeam they have gone ahead and got a workaround in place in the form of a hotfix which is applicable to Veeam 9.0 Update 1.

If you have deployed this ESXi 6.0 build and run Veeam contact their support to grab the hotfix. Again well done to the Veeam development teams for working around issues so efficiently.