Earlier today NSX-v 6.1.3 was released. This update brings vSphere 6.0 Support as well as bug fixes and a couple minor feature enhancements.


There is a warning in the release notes:

NSX vSphere 6.1.3 is compatible with vSphere 6.0. However, the new vSphere features introduced in vSphere 6.0 have not been tested with NSX vSphere. These new vSphere features should not be used in environments where NSX vSphere is installed as they are unsupported. For a list of specific NSX vSphere limitations with respect to vSphere 6.0, see the VMware Knowledge Base article 2110197.

Read through the above KB and make sure you understand what can and can’t be done when running NSX-v on vSphere 6.0…there are some significant constraints in terms of using some of the new shiny bits of vSphere 6.0 …some of which I see as being potential matches made in heaven for NSX-v Hybrid Solutions with vSphere based Platforms.

  • While vSphere 6.0 adds support for vMotion over larger network distances (where the RTT is up to 150ms), this has not been tested in deployments that use NSX-v
  • Multi-vCenter vMotion
  • Deploying NSX-v components from a vSphere Multisite Content Library has not been tested and is not supported.
  • The following improvements introduced in vSphere 6.0 have not been tested with NSX-v: vSphere Fault Tolerance improvements and vSphere Replication improvements

Hopefully the next Major Release of NSX-v will take advantage of the new features above, but for now at least we have the ability to have NSX-v running with vCenter and ESXi 6.0.

With regards to the upgrade process, nothing has changed in regards to the steps listed in my previous NSX Upgrade Posts:

NSX components must be upgraded in the following order:

  1. NSX Manager
  2. NSX controller
  3. Clusters and Logical Switches
  4. NSX Edge and Guest Introspection


Build Numbers shown above and Below for Manager and Controllers


After NSX has been upgraded as above, you can Upgrade vCenter Server to 6.0 (if running the VCSA 5.5 Appliance read here for Upgrade Details) from there you can upgrade your ESXi hosts to 6.0…upon reboot the NSX Manager pushes the ESXi 6.0 VIBs to the hosts. When the hosts show reboot required on the Hosts and Clusters tab in the left hand side of the vSphere Web Client, reboot the hosts a second time and the NSX VIBs for ESXi 6.0 are now enabled.