WiFi on planes is here…well its been around for the best part of a decade as I can remember paying $50 for a 30 minute stint back in 2006 on a flight from London to Singapore back in 2006 that didn’t actually work on my Microsoft PDA device. Fast forward ten years an Emirates offer free 10MB per device ($1 for per further 500MB) on most routes and even allow you to have your cellular data on if you have roaming enabled and a deep pocket.

I had a thought while on route from Perth to Dubai on my way to London that even when traveling on a plane in the middle of a massive ocean cruising at 40,000 feet near the speed of sound there is now the opportunity to stay connected.

Depending on which side of the millennial generation you come this is either a really really good thing…or a horrible thought that even now up in a plane you can jump onto Twitter …view your FaceBook or Slack Channels or do more traditional internety stuff like browse websites and email.

I was discussing with a couple of mates before my flight the fact that I don’t much enjoy solo travel…not that I travel too often on long hauls but for the past 4 or 5 years its been with someone to keep me occupied along the way. It was then suggested that solo travel presents is an opportunity to break away from the rest of the world…sit back, relax (as best possible) and generally be with your own thoughts for the 18-24+ you might be in transit.

For most of us having the temptation of the internet at your fingertips as you are flying would be hard to resist. I know there are lots of people who tell me I am addicted to my phone and content on the internet and in truth they are spot on. I crave content and I crave information (FOMO)…I can’t be disconnected for too long or I get figity. Now that in it’s self if not healthy and I know this, but it’s a reality of the modern world and we are enabled in almost every situation we find ourselves in these days…now, as discussed even in the sky.

So, is this a good thing and can I resist the urge to jump online and get the fix I need?

I am going to try really hard to not succumb to temptation if the opportunity presents on future flights…there is something to be said to disconnect and be with yourself only for a while…it’s just something that doesn’t come naturally anymore.

Could you resist the urge to jump online in-flight?

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