Our Operations Team where faced with an unfamiliar situation a few weeks back where we needed to re-ip an EMC VNX5300 that had it’s warranty extended and was relocated to a new Availability Zone. Generally once warranty terms and finance expire old SANs like this get returned to sender to be replaced by a newer model or new storage of some description.

As a change of topic on this blog I thought it would be good to document the process as there isn’t a lot of info out there on what needs to be done apart from the official EMC VNX Documentation locked away behind the EMC Client Portal.

In the example below we are initially concerned with the Control Station and Storage Processors of the VNX and we will change their IPs via SSH and not via Serial as suggested in the EMC guides. I would still suggest doing this via Serial if you have easy physical access to the SAN however in my case it was at the other side of the country. Networking wise I had a dual homed VM which had Network Adapters in each VLAN/PortGroup to allow the change from old to new.

 Component IP Address Values  Existing IP  New IP
Control Station 0 IPv4 IP Address:
IPv4 Subnet:
IP4v Gateway:
Control Station 1 IPv4 IP Address:
IPv4 Subnet:
IP4v Gateway:
Storage Processor A IPv4 IP Address:
IPv4 Subnet:
Storage Processor B IPv4 IP Address:
IPv4 Subnet:

Change IP Address of Primary Control Station:

  • SSH to CS0
  • Change CS0 IP to the new value

Change IP Address of Secondary Control Station:

  • Failover CS0 to force CS1 as Primary

  • This Operation can take about 15 minutes to complete and can be monitored on CS1 by running the command below

  • During the failover you will see the status of slot_0 and slot_1 swap over while slot_0 goes offline
  • Once slot_0 comes back online SSH into the new IP to confirm access of CS0
  • SSH to CS1
  • Change CS1 IP to the new value

  • Failover CS1 to force CS0 as Primary

  • After another 15 minutes both CS IPs have changed and CS0 is again Primary

Change IP Address of Storage Processor A and B from CS0:

  • The script below will do all the work and the output given is extremely useful as it goes along.
  • Once that’s finished, check the status of the Storage Processors

From here you can access Unisphere from the new SP IP Addresses and go on to reconfigure the rest of the VNXs settings.