This week at AWS re:Invent, exciting news for a lot of us in Veeam was announced as we made available for GA Veeam Backup for AWS (Build Available through the AWS Marketplace the product can be deployed within five minutes and be ready to backup EC2 instances. From my point of view, apart from the technical aspects, probably the biggest news of this release is that the FREE edition will backup up to 10 EC2 instances out of the box and is fully featured.

Apart from being free there are a number of capabilities in this initial release which are innovative and will prove valuable for our customers consuming the product.

  • Automates Amazon EBS snapshots for frequent backup and fast restores
  • Backup to Amazon S3 Repository for long-term retention
  • Policy-based protection and job creation
  • On-Demand Worker Nodes that work as data movers
  • Web-based management UI
  • Built-in cost estimation
  • Support for IAM role separation as well as cross-region and cross-account configuration and Multi-factor authentication compatible
  • Restore to the original instance
  • Restore to a new instance
  • File-level recovery

The Veeam Product Strategy Team has already produced a few blog posts around the release which goes into some greater details around the core components and features of Backup for AWS.

As we look to quickly iterate on this initial v1 release we will look to support even more AWS services but for now, this is a significant moment in Veeam’s history as we look to broaden our own in-house capabilities and extend the Veeam Backup Platform to cover even more workloads and make them portable as they land in our repositories and in our portable data format.

Links and Downloads: