Almost exactly 12 months ago to the day I kicked off this site with this article describing my journey in virtualization leading up to my first vExpert 2012 Award. 27 posts and 1 year later I’m humbled again to be awarded with vExpert status for 2013.

The VMware community is unbelievably strong and it’s safe to say that over the past 12 months I’ve made a lot of new friends and been involved in lots of special forums and events as well as being continually amazed by the power of virutalization by way of delivering VMware products and services to clients and being able to get hands on with upcoming product releases.

This is a community award… and in that most of the people awarded the vExpert badge are people that go over and above to share their passion and love of the technology they work with on a daily basis…for the most part the sharing and evangalisation of that knowledge is done in addition to their day jobs…the title of my blog is “Hosting is Life” and in many ways that exemplifies the dedication that this kinda of award entails.

Special thanks to John Troyer for putting this together and VMware for the award…and a special mention to the Australian vExpert list that has more than tripled from last year.

Full List Here: http://t.co/QGZtGudVol

UPDATE:There has been debate/confusion on the credibility of the vExpert class of 2013…the numbers have swelled by about 100 from the 2012 class and with that a couple people are questioning the value of the award. From reading in between the Tweet’s being fired off yesterday it seems that there where about 850 applicants for this years awards so the question of everyone being accepted isn’t valid…however there is danger in the credibility of the award being diluted in the future if tighter selection criteria is not put into place…one the one hand, it’s great to see the numbers swelling because it means that there are more people active in support of VMware in the community, but VMware may need to put a greater emphasis around keeping the numbers tight.