This is a very quick post to let people know that from the first of June, till the 20th of June, applications are open for the half yearly intake into the VMware #vExpert Program. This is an opportunity for those that may have missed out during the first 2020 nomination window to submit an application again. Once the application period has been closed off, there will be an announcement on the 17th of July. If you are interested but not too sure about the vExpert Program, you can reach out to your local vExpert PRO here to discuss all aspects of the program.

I’m not going to repeat previous comments about why I think the program is valuable to those working alongside the VMware ecosystem… suffice to say that for many, the benefits are still very much worthwhile. The only thing I will continue to point out is that while for some the program has run its course, there are others who are just starting or a relatively new to their IT careers and VMware is still very much relevant and important to them. It is not a program that should be undervalued!

Benefits of membership to the program as listed below:

  • Networking Benefits / Information Sharing
  • Knowledge Growth
  • Job Opportunities
  • Subprograms and direct access to VMware BU’s.
  • Benefits (licenses, recognition, private sessions, gifts, vExpert Party, VMware Advocacy, VMware executive support)
  • 1 Year Licenses for home labs
  • Private Slack Channels
  • VMUG opportunities

So for those looking to join a great community head to the links below and apply apply apply!

Application and vExpert PRO Links below: