Like a few others out there I was unsuccessful in my session submission for VMworld 2014…With vCloud Director not being flavour of the month at the moment (I counted only 3 sessions on vCD related content) my chances where slim! However I have managed to secure a speaking slot with the #vBrownBag Tech Talk’s which is an extremely exciting opportunity for me…however I’m not going to talk directly about vCD…but the topic of conversation does relate to my #longlivevCD hashtag.

Differentiate or Die? The Elephant in the vCloud:
Tuesday 26th August @ 16:45 Community Stage in the Hang Space

Based on a blog post I wrote a while ago mashed up with a more recent post on vCHS vs. vCloud Powered Providers I will go through my experiences in working for an Application and Hosting Provider, a Managed Services Company and in my current role working for a vCloud Powered Provider and what I believe can be done by more established Service Providers to stay relevant in the face of the public cloud threat that AWS, Azure or Google represent and some thoughts on how vCHS is fitting into the overall picture..

Be great to see other VSPP/vCloud Powered representatives in the audience and i’d love to catch up after the talk to discuss any thoughts around the topic…

The full schedule is here: and many thanks to Alastair for once again providing a great service for the Professional VMware Community.