VMworld 2020 is happening today! And as I have banged on about over the past week, this is a very very different VMworld. No one will be lining up for overflow… and there should be minimal people with hangovers… but this years VMworld will probably reach more people than ever! With that, I thought it was better late than never to share my top session picks. I’ve already given a session breakdown and analysis for this years event and i’ve just spent the last few hours myself going through the content catalog and built up my schedule of “live” sessions, plus marked the On-Demand sessions I am interested in.

Out of all that I have chosen the list below represents my top session picks.


  • A Deeper Look at the Kubernetes Cluster API [KUB2470]
  • Deconstructing vSAN: A Deep Dive into the Internals of vSAN [HCI1276]
  • Deploy and Configure Your Entire VMware Cloud on AWS with Terraform [HCP1064]
  • Introducing Project Path to Simplify Multi-Cloud Management for Cloud Providers [HCPS2598]
  • Multitenant VMware Cloud on AWS Powered by VMware Cloud Director service [HCPS2623]
  • Simplify cloud migration with Google Cloud VMware Engine [HCP3129S]
  • Single-Touch, Production-Ready ESXi Rollouts in Minutes with Ansible [HCP1705]
  • The Economics of VMware Hyperscaler Services [HCPS2627]
  • Using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to Deploy Kubernetes with Ease [KUB2191]
  • VMware Cloud on AWS Availability Deep Dive [HCP2055]
  • vSAN 7.0: A Platform for Both Virtual Machine and Containerized Workloads [HCI1814]
  • vSAN File Services: Deep Dive [HCI1825]
  • Why vSphere and Kubernetes Just Make Sense [KUB2153]

Live Sessions:

  • Delivering Modern Multi-Cloud with VMware Cloud Services [HCP3100]
  • Running Persistent Data in a Multi-Cloud Architecture [MAP3430]
  • The New vSphere : How Kubernetes and VCF are Redefining vSphere [HCP3072]
  • The Shift to DRaaS Today: A Look to Self-Protecting Infrastructure Tomorrow [HCP2950]

Veeam Sessions.

  • Sneak Peek to what’s new in Veeam Backup & Replication [HCP1936S]
  • Winning the War on Ransomware with Veeam [HCI1935S]