VMworld has been leveraged by a lot of people to help advance their careers with a lot of advancement seeded by personal interactions at the conference. Social, community and networking at VMworld is a huge part of the event, but with this years event being virtual and online only, the social aspect of the event has been taken from us. As disappointing as that is there have been a lot of initiatives from VMware and other oganizations to try as best as possible to keep the social aspect going.

One of those initiatives has been The Level Up Project’s vTrail Map… this year the map has been supercharged by Veeam. We have some amazing talent in our creative department, and led by Andrew Zhelezko this years edition is an amazing interactive experience. If you haven’t gone to the vTrail Map landing page and experienced the site then stop what you are doing and head there now. Not only is it an amazing piece of tech art, there are deeper linked to a lot of the VMworld experience… both social and technical.

The Level Up Project with vTrail Map

This map is created as a result of the Level Up project. Members of the technology community from all over the world have contributed to ensure that this map will provide you with the information you need to help you make progress at the job you are trying to do at this stage of your career. Much like a GitHub project, Level Up is a collection of contributors, but instead of creating code, we create useful assets in an “open source content” collaborative style with the sole purpose of helping the tech community. The goal is to help people Level Up their skills so they can Level Up in their careers. Come join us in our efforts to give back to the community.

VMorld vTrail Map 2

There are a lot of challenges with the gameification of the vTrail Map including a selfie challenge.

Take a vTrail Map Selfie

Even though the vTrail Map is virtual this year, instead of printed, we can still share our experience on social media, VMworld style!

  1. Step one: Got to the web page (click here)
  2. Step two: Take a selfie
  3. Step three: Share it on twitter using the #vTrailMap hashtag
  4. Step four: Thank @Veeam for sponsoring

At the end of the day, this is a great online/virtual experience and browsing the website alone looking for the Easter Eggs is worth the price of admission… which is free!