[Update] There is a patch upgrade for v9 (build that needs to be applied before GA which will take the build to build

Late last week Veeam dropped the RTM build of Veeam 9 to it’s Cloud Service Provider partners. As a VCSP partner you need to be ready for the v9 GA date (at this stage set for early January) to ensure that any keen early adopters who have Cloud Connect services with providers are able to backup without issue VSCPs should upgrade their Veeam B&R 8 platforms to v9 as soon as possible.

To start with it’s best to have Veeam B&R updated to the latest patch release which is Update 3 Build 2084 and before upgrading to v9 it’s best to restart all Veeam services or better yet reboot the Veeam Management Servers…as an extra measure before beginning the upgrade you should disable all jobs.

If you have Enterprise Manager installed you will need to upgrade that first…notice below that the only available option is to upgrade Enterprise Manager.


This is a very easy upgrade and there isn’t really any gotchyas to get from v8 to v9 however you will be asked to install .NET Framework 4.5.2 before the actual upgrade process kicks off as shown below…this is in fact the longest part of the upgrade and I would recommend installing it separate before starting the Veeam upgrade. You can find the installable on the install media (ISO:\Redistr\NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe) You will need to reboot once Enterprise Manager is installed.


You now have the option to upgrade Backup & Replication. Running through the next next install you get prompted for the license and the service account password. Once done you are set to update the Cloud Connect components via the updated console interface.


Once the Cloud Gateways, Tansports and Repositories have been upgraded you have access to the Cloud Connect Tab which now adds the Cloud Connect Replication components.


To validate the install and make sure everything is working as expected when its comes to Cloud Connect you should run a test job and make sure it goes through without issue. With full v8 backward compatibility Cloud Connect is ready for the GA release.veeam9_upgrade_8