Last Friday the Veeam Cloud Service Provider members would have received an email informing them that Update 1 for Veeam 9 Backup & Replication had been RTM’ed and was available to download for Cloud Connect partners and selected Veeam customers with outstanding support cases. The update introduces a couple of significant feature enhancement for Cloud Connect Replication and a few outstanding bug fixes.

Unlike previous patch releases services providers don’t have to upgrade right away as no matter what…versions of V9 Build are compatible with server or client versions of Build and vice versa. I’d still recommended that VCSPs upgrade as soon as their change processes allows to gain the extra functionality.

General Cloud Connect enhancements include enhanced logic of handling cloud gateway unavailability to prevent jobs from hanging for extended time, improved job performance and reduced configuration database load by optimizing realtime job statistics queries and the added ability to control Cloud Connect connections timeout.

Cloud Connect Replication has had some features added…the biggest being support for replica seeding, support for replication from backup (except from backup files stored in cloud repositories), fully automated upgrade of network extensions appliances with product updates installation and improved failover issues reporting to tenants.

So still we wait for the ability to use Scale Out Repositories and Single File VM Backup chains…but hopefully that is next on the cards for the product teams.

Once the release is GA’ed in a week or so I’ll look to link to the VeeamKB for a detailed look at the fixes but for the moment, if you have the ability to download the update do so and have it applied to your instances.