Today (30th of March) is Veeam’s World Availability Day. This is a new day that Veeam has declared to make people aware about how availability plays a part in all organizations as an extension of Backup and Recovery. In it’s self…WAD is a marketing initiative from Veeam that backs onto World Backup Day…which is happening tomorrow (31st of March).

Availability plays a significant role for all organizations, regardless of industry or size. Enterprise organizations now rely on 24/7/365, and Availability is officially a necessary survival tool. Modern users today expect unfettered access to ALL applications and data, from streaming media, to CRM tools, and much more. When user expectations are not met, the ramifications are often costly and time-consuming, and they are likely to keep everyone, from the IT pro to the CEO, up all night.

Having worked in the Hosting and Cloud industry all my career I have had to deal with backup and recovery throughout that time…and for the most it’s been a royal PITA! You only have to look back at the early days of this blog to see how frustrating and unreliable my experiences with backups have been. Of recent times though the backup industry has improved and with Veeam leading the way in the virutalisation space it’s become less a pain and more about how to take the next step to achieve availability as Veeam talks about in its marketing messages.

Veeam Cloud Connect and Cloud Connect Replication play a big part in extending Veeam B&R platform into an availability suite and allows for the wrapping of DRaaS around these service provider offerings. In February I took part in a joint Zettagrid/Veeam Webinar where myself and Nelson Simao went through Cloud Connect and how it benefits SPs and Veeam customers in getting key data offsite in the form of VM Backups and Replicas.

In the presentation I go through the Cloud Connect offerings and compare the differences between backup and replication as it pertains to availability and the industry terms that sometimes get confused or misused when talking about it.


I’ve posted the video below and the slidedeck can be downloaded via the link below.

So before World Backup Day tomorrow…have a happy World Availability Day today